Q. What is Jerky?

A. Jerky is a lean cut of meat that has been trimmed of fat, and then dehydrated to prevent spoilage. The drying process includes the addition of salts, to prevent bacteria from developing in the meat.

Q. What meat do you use?

A. I use topside for all the beef flavours and backstrap for pork and lamb. 

Q. How long does it take to make your Jerky?

A. It takes a whole day to cut the meat and 72 hours to cure it then a whole day for the dehydration process. Packing is done the following day which only takes a few hours. The process from raw meat to sealed in a bag can take anywhere between 4-5 days. So please be patient for the deliciousness.

Q. Can you deliver?

A. I live South from the Adelaide CBD and happy to deliver within a 5km radius. I also have a set of venues North, Northwest and East from the CBD that I use as a site to disperse my products, find out more upon purchase.

Q. Is your Jerky gluten free?

A. No, it contains soy sauce which is one of the main ingredients.

Q. Is your Jerky Keto?

A. Technically, no. But it is very low in sugar (which is naturally sourced from honey) no carbs, and very high in protein.

Q. Where is my meat sourced?

A. Locally from Drakes Foodland, proudly South Australian owned. Sourced from only the Australian market.